Global Superstore Analysis With Tableau

Captured above are total profits per state in the United States. Each state is labeled with its name and total profit. High profitability is shown graphically by deep blue and poor profitability is shown by orange. We can see that California performs the best with profits and Texas the poorest. There appears to be little to no correlation between geographical location and performance.

Since California is the strongest performer I have chosen to highlight its success. This chart is intended to show how profits are faring in California according to sub catagory. This way a more accurate breakdown can be visualized and we can get a closer look into how profits are really doing.

Pictured above is California's profitability by catagory. We can see that the California division performs the best in office supplies. We can also see that furniture is a small portion of California's profits. The next graph will show predicted sales for office supplies until November 2015.

Shown above is data on total sales (count function) for office supplies in California. The solid blue line shows historical data while the light blue line shows projected sales until November 2015. The shaded light blue area shows a 90% confidence interval for sales.

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